Tanzania Is A Place That Will Transform You Expectations Of What A Vacations Is Really  Supposed To Be It’s A Place That Must Experienced At Destination Beyond Expectations   Wild  We Want You To Delight  The Uniqueness Of Our Country  More Than Merely Seeing Tanzania We Hope You Behold  Her Vastness Absorb  The Sights And Sounds Appreciated And Savour The Ambience Of  Authentic  Africa And Discover The Destinations



Welcome to Destination Beyond Expectations Tanzania!

Destination Beyond Expectations has built a reputation of being one of the most competitive tours and travel in East Africa. We are fully Tanzanian owned and operated.

We believe great travel to be an exciting and memorable experience for our clients. Therefore we are flexible and put in practice numerous clients and partners requests. Our  unique and excellent fleet of tour vans combined  with experienced drivers and tour guides ensure that your travel adventures covers your tour in the best way you would imagine.

With our vast experience, our tours department has all it takes to organize the most memorable safaris and excursions that will live in your memory for a lifetime. Additionally, our tour consultants are always ready to find the most enjoyable yet affordable tours for you.


Apart from having sharp management skills, excellent travel means identifying the most promising providers of quality services at the local level. This is one of Destination Beyond Expectations’ strengths. Our long-term relationship with tours in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda motivates them to rely on us for excellent services.